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Kung Fu training in China


Welcome to the website of the non-profit association “Kung Fu China Training”. Our association is dedicated to helping people who want to go to China to learn or improve in kung fu. After accompanying hundreds of martial art students to Fawang Temple, the association now invites you to discover Shi Miao Hai’s school. Zhang Qian is a former general instructor of Fawang Temple. By browsing our website, you will find all the necessary information to bolster your project to go to China to (re)discover kung fu.

Many people, both Chinese and foreigners, have been seduced by kung fu through the films of Bruce Lee, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, etc. And many people have dreamed of practicing this ancient martial art one day. However, going to China to learn kung fu at a shaolin school can seem to be an impossible adventure… Impossible? Certainly not. Many structures work to promote Kung Fu all over the world and the associationassociation Kung Fu China Training is one of them.

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Those who have already done so will tell you, going to China to learn kung fu is a human and enriching adventure. Teaching is open to the beginner as to the confirmed every year between March and November. The association is committed to answering all your questions, guides you in your administrative procedures and remains present during your stay in China. Do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

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Feedback from former students
  • positive review   Jérôme Drouard Grâce à Odile Zhang nous avons (mon fils et moi-même) eu l'honneur de connaître Shi Miao Hai. Une personne exceptionnelle par son enseignement, son humanité, sa gentillesse, sa bienveillance, son art, sa transmission, et ses nombreuses qualités. C'est une chance de pouvoir passer du temps avec Shi Miao Hai. Une valeur inestimable... mais le mieux reste encore de le vivre en passant du temps à ses côtés. Merci.

    Jérôme Drouard Avatar Jérôme Drouard
    9 February 2019
  • positive review   J'ai eu la chance d'avoir été accompagné par Odile pour aller en Chine, et ainsi suivre les cours de Shia Miao Hai. Ce sont tout deux des personnes extraordinaires. Merci encore <3

    Toto Fdt Avatar Toto Fdt
    9 February 2019
  • positive review   Superbe stage, magnifique aventure et des souvenirs pour encore quelques années si ce n'est plus. Un seul problème, la nostalgie de rentrer en France. Merci pour tout ! 👍

    Zoe Baubin Avatar Zoe Baubin
    15 October 2019
  • positive review   Grand merci Odile de m’avoir aidé à partir réaliser un rêve. Conseils et ta disponibilité m’ont été très précieux !

    Helo Bresset Avatar Helo Bresset
    10 February 2019
  • positive review   Before giving my personal feelings on this, I would like to state: If you are wondering to go to china to train your kung fu, do not hesitate. Is a perspective changing experience. Is beautiful. Having many years holding a position in Fawang not only as teacher but also organising, the experience Shi Miao Hai has to share is overwhelming. If you have the opportunity, don't let it go. ========================================== I still remember the first time I came to meet him. It was late 2016/ early 2017. I got impressed. After training for more than 16 years different martial arts, I think i was already understanding what a human be is able to do. This was proved completely wrong when i had my very first class with Shi Miao Hai. I would like to be able to understand him even more, but the language barrier is strong. Still, he is really expressive, enough to understand his simplicity, authenticity and passion. He loves Kungfu and buddist-chinese culture way more than any other person I ever met. And you can see that in each of his movements and expressions. He loves it and he lives it. That put him in a level that I cannot really understand. Most of the times it comes easy to me to guess and understand how to develop a skill that some one else has and I don't. Most of the times i can clearly see a path. With him, there is a dense cloud that does not allow me to even guess. This simplicity, honesty and authenticity in his character, this indomitable passion towards kung fu and life, and his (since my humble position in the scale of knowledge) unlimited knowledge, and still highly human, makes him more than just a master. He is a natural guide and a beautiful person. To have him as a friend, guide and example is an honour. ========================================== About my experience learning in china with him, i think is enough to say that each time I feel my moral go down on my training, I just need to remember this to recover.

    Santiago Bragagnolo Avatar Santiago Bragagnolo
    10 February 2019
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Cher-e-s visiteurs, vous êtes nombreus-e-s à nous solliciter pour votre projet de partir en Chine apprendre le Kung Fu. En raison de la crise sanitaire, l’école de Maître Zhang (Shi Miao Hai) est temporairement fermée. Comme vous, nous espérons que la situation reviendra rapidement à la normale, sans savoir quand. Vous serez informés de la réouverture de l’école via notre page facebook.