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Traditional education in China

Chinese Mandarin course

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Essential learning for a better mastery of Kung Fu

The beginner lessons in Mandarin Chinese are an integral part of the kung fu training; they are mainly intended for beginners. The goal is to learn the basics of the Chinese language in order to be able to fend for themselves in a Chinese environment, and understand the vocabulary used during training. We recommend taking a dictionary with you or installing an application on your smartphone. Also remember to bring a small booklet containing the basics of the Chinese language that you can keep on you, in order to progress outside of classes.

Courses structure

  • Pronunciation and tone work.
  • Repetition of simple sentences.
  • Learning vocabulary for daily use.
  • Understanding of basic sentence and grammar structures.
  • Learning the vocabulary used daily during training.
  • Learning how to write Chinese characters.
  • Useful sentences for your travel trough China.

Which program for beginners?

There are between one and two beginner lessons in Mandarin per week. There is no homework to give back, but it is strongly recommended to review notions learned from one lesson to another. As the training dates of foreign students are random throughout the year, the school proposes about twenty themes on everyday life, so that students who remain long periods can go further in the program. The work focuses on learning the vocabulary of everyday life, to understand and be understood quickly.

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