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Traditional education in China

rules & advices

the rules of kung fu school


The rules to know and applicable to all foreign students

As with any school, elementary rules apply and must be respected. In the same way, community life needs to be supervised, for the respect of others and the cohesion of the group.

  • Always ask your instructor for permission every time you go out to the city or the mountains on weekends. You are his responsibility, he must be aware of your movements.
  • On the evenings of the week, city outings are forbidden, unless specifically authorised.
  • The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited inside the school grounds; Chinese children are also there to be educated, do not give them a bad example. In China, drug use (cannabis etc.) is a crime punishable by imprisonment.
  • Rooms should be tidy, beds made and floors washed daily; the same applies to you and your clothes. Hygiene is one of the pillars of community harmony.
  • Foreign students should organise themselves for the daily maintenance of their common areas, just as Chinese students do.

Kung Fu China Training association's advices


Some advice for a better integration

  • Even if sometimes the required exercises seem complicated, never lose control of your emotions, everything is learned with patience.
  • Despite the pain associated with the aches of the first days, grit your teeth and practice anyway, it is through our courage that we gain the respect of students and teachers.
  • During training, avoid speaking other than to help those who are just starting out.
  • Depending on your physical condition, stay tuned to your body. If you are suffering from certain exercises, talk to your instructor who will guide you to avoid hurting you.
  • Apart from the classes, the instructors will behave with you as a friend, father, brother, but during the training sessions they are above all your instructors, their duty is to be strict; know how to distinguish things. Also know that the instructors’ involvement will depend on your own investment. The more you push yourself, the more they push you. It is their way of expressing their respect to you, whatever your level of kung fu. On the other hand, if you don’t get involved, they won’t care about you.
  • Ask for permission in case you want to film or photograph the workouts.
  • Participate as much as possible in school housework, starting with keeping your room clean. Do not hesitate to offer your help in the kitchen and/or for the dishes, in order to relieve the Chinese students of their daily chores.

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