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Traditional education in China

accommodation & food

accommodation in the school


Renovated buildings, traditional fittings

The kung fu school is composed of two completely renovated buildings. In the first building there is the kitchen, two toilets/ bathrooms, three dormitories of 4 to 12 places reserved for foreign students, a room dedicated to the study of calligraphy, a classroom and a relaxation/ meditation space. In the second building are the dormitories of the Chinese students, a TV space and a roof terrace in free access mainly used for meditation and Qi Gong.

Unlike the West, comfort is relatively spartan. The beds have no mattresses, just a thick blanket above the wood boards; according to the Chinese it is better for the back. Moreover, there is little furniture, so it is necessary to put the suitcases under the beds and keep the basic essentials nearby.

The school has an internet connection via WIFI. The rate is good (~50Mbps U/D) and despite a sometimes unstable signal, you will have no trouble exchanging your photos and videos with your family/ friends (don’t forget to use a VPN to access certain services or websites).

3 varied meals per day


varied and balanced meals, drinking water from the mountain

The meals are generally based on rice / noodles, vegetables (courgettes, cabbages, tomatoes), tofu, egg, chicken and fruit according to the season. These products are fresh and brought directly from the market several times a week. The food is balanced and served copiously – the most athletic will be able to easily eat as much as they need. Finally, you are allowed to bring food with you, this may help you to adapt to changes in your food intake and redynamise you for a long stay. It is equally possible to go to supermarkets in the town.

Most of time, we eat outside together, when it rains we use a small room opposite the kitchen.

The water from the taps next to the kitchen is drinkable, it is treated and comes straight from the mountains, you can drink it directly. For people who are afraid of not getting used to it, it is of course possible to buy water packs in town.

*For those with a specific food diet / allergies, don’t forget to signal this is in the inscription documents.

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