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learning taolu


The Taolu, these treasures from the past

In Chinese martial arts, Taolu means «combined movement»; there are thousands of them listed for hundreds of years. They are open books of techniques used by ancient Chinese masters and warriors. There are series of attack and defense techniques that the practitioner executes imagining one or more opponents evolving around him.

Sometimes novices are tired of the daily repetition of the Taolu. However, they are the essence of Kung Fu. In real combat, only a few techniques are used, while a Taolu is full of dozens or hundreds of different techniques (attacks, blockages, seizures, projections, sweeping). Once a form is learned, it is necessary to study the applications of each movement, to live the sequences, as in a real fight, to add a rhythm, to power, to work the displacements and to forge the eye.

the taolu learned


At the Kung Fu school the Taolu learning is based on our level and our learning abilities; we can learn there:

  • Bare-hands basic forms,
  • Traditional Shaolin forms,
  • animals imitatives forms,
  • Forms with long, short, flexible and double weapons.

For beginners, Shi Miao Hai will teach, step by step, basic Tao. Experienced practitioners will be able to focus on the forms with bare hands or weapons of their choice.

Working Physically and Mentally

By practicing Taolu daily, the kung-fu student works his physical and mental condition, which allows him to improve among other things attitude, power, endurance, balance, hips work and stability.

The goal is not to learn as many forms as possible, but to choose one or two that the student will focus on every day for weeks, months, even years. In this way he/she will be able to progress quickly, improving speed, fluidity, flexibility and explosive movements. Repeating the same gestures tirelessly by correcting the imperfections makes the practice of Taolu, a way of surpassing yourself.

« I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. » Bruce Lee.

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