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Energy mastery

Qi Gong can be translated as energy work or energy mastery, this practice is derived from traditional Chinese medicine, it’s more than 5000 years old. At this time, Qigong was considered the best way to survive in sometimes difficult environments, to stay in good health, especially avoiding disease.

Benefits of qi gong


Qi Gong has several health goals:

  • Healing, treating or soothing a disease,
  • Strengthen muscles and improve flexibility,
  • Better manage the stress and anxieties of daily life,
  • Allow a better circulation of blood and energy through the body,
  • Develop flexibility of joints.

Learn Qi Gong at Kung Fu School in China

At Shi Miao Hai’s school, the sequence of the eight pieces of brocade is studied. According to history, it was taught at the Shaolin temple by the famous Damo, Bodhidharma. Some of the stances and attitudes refer to war practices, such as archery.

When practicing Qi Gong, you have to keep in mind the three fundamental elements:

  • Regulate breathing and breath with the help of Qi 气 (energy)
  • Regulate the body with the positions and movements that we perform thanks to Jing 劲 (the vital essence that nourishes the body)
  • Regulate the mind 神 (shen) through concentration.

Work is primarily focused internally through the breath and concentration. Each sequence is focused on specific organs and parts of the body. Ba duan jin is integrated directly into training, mainly in the early morning hours. They can also be practiced before the meditation sessions.

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Cher-e-s visiteurs, vous êtes nombreus-e-s à nous solliciter pour votre projet de partir en Chine apprendre le Kung Fu. En raison de la crise sanitaire, l’école de Maître Zhang (Shi Miao Hai) est temporairement fermée. Comme vous, nous espérons que la situation reviendra rapidement à la normale, sans savoir quand. Vous serez informés de la réouverture de l’école via notre page facebook.


Dear visitors, many of you are asking us for your project to go to China to learn Kung Fu. Due to the health crisis, Master Zhang’s (Shi Miao Hai) school is temporarily closed. Like you, we hope that the situation will return to normal quickly, without knowing when. You will be informed of the reopening of the school via our facebook page.