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sanda boxing

learning the sanda


What is the sanda boxing?

The Sanda includes all the hand-bare techniques that can be seen in Kung Fu: punches, kicks, throws, grabs, keys, hooking, jumps, etc. in the form of fights and following specific rules on a specific area. Chinese warriors practiced it hundreds of years ago, in a slightly less regulated form.

The goal of sanda boxing is to defeat your opponent through different combinations of techniques using strategy, feints, gaps to master your opponent. We must react to the attacks of the opponent with intelligence by counterattacking fast with force. Protections are mandatory in most Sanda boxing competitions (mouthguards, helmet, gloves, shin guards and chest protector).

sanda boxing practice


Learning Sanda requires different stages whether you are a confirmed fighter or beginner:

  • Learning basic positions and movements,
  • Learning of striking techniques,
  • Learning the techniques of throws and grabs,
  • Sparring initiation,
  • Sparring

Sanda Boxing at Kung Fu School

Once the student feels ready he can then start sparring; gloves are required. The fight is performed only with the approval of the teacher. For each fight the coach must be on site to referee and keep an eye on your evolution. For good level students you may be able to see them fight 2 or 3 against 1, or even 4 against 1. The aim is to work the attitude, reflexes and movements. If you are interested in fighting, consider taking a mouthguard, it’s not provided on site.

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